Programm DGMIM-Jahrestagung Essen


Freitag 14. November 2014

12.00 Welcome Addresses                         
          A. Westendorf, Essen

Session: Nutrition/Metabolism and GI-Tract
Chair: J. Buer

12:15   Microbiota, GI barrier and metabolic disease
           S.C. Bischoff, Stuttgart

12:45   Microbiome and Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) in
           gastrointestinal diseases
           J. Langhorst, Essen

13:15   Nutrition and microbiome in inflammatory bowel disease
           D. Haller, München      

13:45  Coffee Break

Session: Mucosal Immunity
Chair: O. Pabst

14:15   Impact of regulatory T cells on inflammation associated colon
           E. Pastille, Essen

14:45   Regulation of intestinal epithelial cells by inflammatory
           C. Becker, Erlangen

15:15   Regulation of T cell responses during intestinal infection and
           M. Lochner, Hannover

15:45 - 16:45 Poster Session

16:45 - 18:15 DGMIM general assembly

19:30             Dinner (Restaurant Handelshof, Mövenpick Hotel)


Samstag 15. November 2014

Session: Probiotics and Microbiome
Chair: S.C. Bischoff

9:00    The Mircobiome: From Robert Koch´s Stool Diagnostics to the
           genetic Mega Hit
           J. Buer, Essen

9:30    Routes of mircobiota and pathogen dissemination in the
           O. Pabst, Aachen

10:00   Bacteria-host interaction in the inflamed intestine
           M. Blaut, Potsdam

10:30    Microbiota and new generation probiotics
            J. Wells, Wageningen

11:00    Coffee Break

DGMIM Research Awards
Chair: A. Westendorf, J. Buer

11:30    The role of the gut microbiome and Toll-like receptor 4 in an
             animal model of human type 1 diabetes         
             M. Simon, Düsseldorf

12:00    Therapeutic immunization against commensal microbiota to
            attenuate GvHD in mice and humans           
            C. Könecke, Hannover

            Awarding poster prices

12.30  Farewell speech
           A. Westendorf, Essen


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